A Very Sneaky Russian Street Artist: P183

Look out Banksy – you’ve got a sneaky Russian guerilla street artist gearing up to blow you out of the water. Known only as P183, and cloaked in the shadow of enigma, this imaginative artist is throwing up some amazingly witty and wonderful pieces that are being spotted all over Moscow.

Like his predecessor, P183 creates works that are heavy with social and political commentary and playful optical illusions that bring new life to the urban landscape and force it to interact with his art. Amusing and mischievous, his style and technique follows that of the recent developments in street art that are quickly growing in popularity the world over. If he wants to keep his globally-admired street artist title, Banksy’s going to have to step it up a few notches.

If you can read Russian, or are just curious to see more, visit his website. http://www.183art.ru/

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