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My friend Jory showed me this video in class one day and it blew my mind. I love watching the creative process and this short film is beautifully shot. I’m definitely going to search for more beautiful creations by this incredible duo. 

Check out Supakitch’s wicked site, as well as gorgeous clothing designed by Supakitch & Koralie at

Once a bit-part actor, known for his hilarious rollerskating crackhead prostitute character Terry on Reno 911!, and super gay brother in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, amongst others, comedian Nick Swardson is now on a serious roll. His new comedy show Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time premiered last month on Comedy Central and holy shit – why have they been hiding this guy in cameo roles? First of all, he’s a riot as a comedian – he’ll throw anything at you, so why wouldn’t he prove himself to be an amazing writer? Pretend Time is basically a bunch of super funny little skits, all thrown together in a seamless fashion, to encompass a variety of ridiculous scenarios straight from the horse’s mouth. When I sat down to watch the first episode, within ten minutes I was asking myself how long they would let this guy rule the airwaves – he has a knack for toeing the line in such a way that makes you wonder how sick you are as a viewer – fan-fucking-tastic! Some of my favorite bits include Wheelchair Cat: Trust Fund Kitty, and Garry Gaga, policeman, and brother of the infamous Lady Gaga. And it’s just the beginning. 

I hope they give this guy a major contract so he sticks around for a long time. Not since The Chappelle Show have I laughed this hard, and still find myself quoting from the very first episode; “what can I say – I’m a Gaga.”

Look for the show on Comedy Central on Tuesday nights at 10pm. 

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