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WE’RE ONLY 2 DAYS AWAY! This #Sunday, we’ll be featuring #artists and #makers, #movers and #shakers from all over #SouthernOntario at our #PunkRockFleaMarket at #ClubAbsinthe from 12-5pm! We have so many new faces, it’s worth popping in to check it out – and THE FIRST 15 PEOPLE THROUGH THE DOOR WILL RECEIVE A #GIFTBAG WITH #TREATS FROM OUR #VENDORS! It’s free to come by!

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Couple snaps from the #UNITYOne #fashionshow I was in a week ago. Clearly I am not a model 😆 but it was definitely an experience to remember! Big thank you to Nalini Singh for having me model her dress and making me the featured artist for the show! 😘❤️

📸: Shelly Cameron

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Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.36.36 PM.pngSUPER STOKED to finally be able to share this with you guys – this is the teaser trailer for the pilot show for a series we’re working on. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with, I swear, I love these guys. We’ve got pitch meetings on the table soon, so spread the love and help us gain a bit of momentum! SHARE IT UP! CHEERS!


August has been exciting thus far, but the fun doesn’t stop here! This Saturday, I’m super stoked to be a vendor and set up my booth at the Midsummer’s Dream Festival in Gage Park. I’ve attended these events every year and they’re SO much fun. And messy. But that’s half the fun. 😉

I’ll be splitting my booth with The True Hamiltonian, so come check us out – we’ll have lots of apparel for sale, in case you need a change of clothes to get home! I’ll also have my usual array of skateboards, jewelry, art, and more! All art prints continue to be half off all summer long, so take advantage and snag some cool stuff for your walls! See you in the park!!

To find out more, info, check out the festival website.

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Ray Anthony Barrett, “Porchmonkey Pawns For Manicured Lawns Jockey For Position Without Inquisition (Battle Chess), from "Porch Monkeys" (2014)

Ray Anthony Barrett, “Porchmonkey Pawns For Manicured Lawns Jockey For Position Without Inquisition (Battle Chess), from “Porch Monkeys” (2014)

Los Angeles artist Ray Anthony Barrett likes to play with 90’s hip hop vernacular and transform words into literal interpretations using anthropomorphism with pen and ink on paper. The animal faces serve as masks, shielding the true identities of the subjects in question, and further exploring the idea behind society’s incessant need to commodify native themes and exaggerate the very spectacle that has become infotainment.

Manipulating paradoxes found in the language of hip hop, Barrett combines his own brand of dry humour as well as poignant critical  observation. Drawing from his own freestyle verses, he creates a mirror-like dynamic through his stream-of-consciousness between the words on the page of his notebook, with the lines that extrude from his pen on the page of his illustrations. The fun part is that he dissects the derogatory using this technique – and reveals it’s anthropomorphic nature – only to link it back up to their origins in African-American cultural folklore.

Hip-hop is a trickster vernacular — it’s full of hybrids, playful, always shape-shifting, and as soon as the society of the spectacle, to borrow Debord’s terminology, gets a hold of it, it’s already changing into something else — a new word is born from the source of the hip-hop lexicon and the old one remains an empty commodity to be consumed. Like jiggy it’s got no juice anymore, and hasn’t for a long time. With nearly eight million definitions, the open-sourced Urban Dictionary is an example of how the rules of “combat” demand more of a personal, micro-level engagement — like guerilla warfare, but with the alchemy of words.”
– Ray Anthony Barrett

Check out an amazingly-in-depth interview with the artist on Hyperallergic.

And to find out more about Ray Anthony Barrett, check out his website.

“Bear Bare-backing Buck” from Ruff Ridin’ (2014)

“Bear Bare-backing Buck” from Ruff Ridin’ (2014)

“Crazy Horse” from Treaty Treatises (2014)

“Crazy Horse” from Treaty Treatises (2014)

“While Jungle Bunnies Hip-Hop the Doom Broom” from Porch Monkeys (2014)

“While Jungle Bunnies Hip-Hop the Doom Broom” from Porch Monkeys (2014)

“Unseeing Eyes Glued to Inflated Boobtubes”, from "Boobtubes" (2013)

“Unseeing Eyes Glued to Inflated Boobtubes”, from “Boobtubes” (2013)

“From No Place, To Home”, from "Dakar" (2014)

“From No Place, To Home”, from “Dakar” (2014)

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