Monthly Archives: December 2010

Everyone seems to be buried under a shit-ton of snow lately, but as I look out the window, we haven’t had the pleasure as of yet. I’m not saying that’s an entirely bad thing – I’m not a fan of digging my car out or braving the bitter cold of the tundra, but I do love being snuggly warm inside with a cup of cocoa and a splash of Carolan’s. 

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this blog as I originally intended to, but hopefully 2011 will give me a renewed opportunity to get excited about art and design as I look for employment once again…in the meantime, I satisfy myself with images of amazing snow sculptures on Google Image Search…here’s a few of the highlights…

After 4 years of tireless engineering, the geniuses at Flash Rods have finally unveiled their long-anticipated Delorean stainless steel hard drive car. They’ve really outdone themselves on this one – they’ve included all the painstaking details, like the 50’s style moon discs, opening hood and gull wing doors. At the heart of this cool contraption is an Integrated Seagate 500GB hard drive, which includes high speed connectivity. If you’re obsessed with Back to the Future culture, this wacky racer is sure to make an awesome addition to your desk top. 

Pick one up today at for about $250 USD.

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