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Belgian jewellery designer Liesbet Bussche made a bold move from creating a typical accessory collection and took to the streets of Amsterdam and Cagnes-Sur-Mer in France, adding oversized jewellery accents to the usual city accoutrements. Transforming grimy, mundane urban elements into objects of class and distinction creates a sense that each city’s characteristic elements are unique and why not accessorize them, as we do ourselves?

Bussche’s urban jewellery consists of huge baubles and charms are placed in unexpected locations, adding a touch of whimsy to the city environment. Toying with scale, butterfly earring backs, spring ring necklace clasps, and woven beads are added to existing elements, transforming their everyday context into something more imaginative, and extravagant.

Her exhibit in the lovely streets of Cagnes-Sur-Mer is a reflection of the infamous 1930’s-1940’s Parisian icon Suzy Solidor – nightclub owner, model, singer, writer and actress. The collection of enormous charms and pendants mirror the extravagant urban chic lifestyle which she was most famously known for flaunting. Larger than life, her impact on the fashion and art of the day transcends into contemporary society.

Visit Liesbet Bussche’s website to learn more.


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