Monthly Archives: April 2011

It’s that time again – time to collect my thoughts and experiences and try and convey to complete strangers that I would be an asset to their company. I figure a creative resume is the best way to go due to my background in arts and entertainment – but where to begin? There’s so many options, so many fonts and colours! I’m going to have to do a little brainstorming and experimenting – but first I need a little creative inspiration. Here’s a few examples to get me started…

I’m not usually a fan of Nike products, being that they’re an evil corporation and all (yadda yadda), but I can’t resist drooling over these new special edition 420 dunk sneaks, released just in time for the Stoner’s Holiday. Todd Bratrud is the creative genius behind these well-coordinated kicks, as well as the skate company the High5. The Cheech and Chong SB features two different sneakers, each incorporating the essence of the characters from their appearance in Up In Smoke – Cheech’s trademark red beanie and Chong’s characteristic red bandana. They also include tear away canvas that reveals green suede underneath. 

These sneakers are guaranteed to be tough to find in stores today though – they’re limited to only 1000, so the best thing to do is to find out where they are selling closest to you via the 420 Forum Thread. Happy trails!

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