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walltowall511Quite possibly the most adorable thing Montana Colors has ever come up with – the mini wall. Ideal for perfecting your skills as a graffiti artist. Wall2Wall is a project by Oscar Clemente, esclusively for Montana Colors.

Find out more about it on the Montana World website

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APES, Barcelona

APES, Barcelona

HASK, Barcelona

HASK, Barcelona

PAKO, Barcelona

PAKO, Barcelona

PUKE, Barcelona

PUKE, Barcelona

SENDYS, Barcelona

SENDYS, Barcelona

street_art_daleast_2Chinese-born graffiti artist DALeast is as unusual and creative, as he is secretive and elusive. Currently living in South Africa, and working quickly to avoid arrest, he’s travelled the world and made his mark on almost every continent, spending half the year every year on the road. The scale of his work, and three-dimensional approach to a two-dimensional concept, are just two of the many qualities that set him apart from most of the street artists in the game.

In some instances, he’s taken over buildings and structures with pieces that span hundreds of feet across with beautiful designs that appear to pop right off of each surface, like an explosion of metal shards that coalesce to form incredibly intricate compositions, that mostly involve animals in dynamic motion, and the inherent behaviours associated with natural life – predation, evading, emotional states, and how the natural world unfolds in the infinite space that encompasses everything. Each piece incorporates the aesthetic juxtaposition of the organic and mechanic, vibrating at high speeds with intense kinetic energy and a deep, resonant connection from one particle to another. The process of depicting the tight-knit nature of molecular construction unravels on itself in a vortex of expression and movement.

To read more about DALeast, and discover more of his works, visit his website.



Internationally-reknowned graffiti master Stinkfish isn’t interested in the art world. His feet are firmly planted in the realm and purpose of graffiti – to vandalize an object is to subvert an underlying agenda.  The bulk of his work revolves around the people who live in the areas where he works. He wanders the streets, photographing the people that pique his interest without their knowledge. Then he translates their essence into a singular work, never to be reproduced again. Like snowflakes – like humans, really – they are all independent and characteristic of themselves, and exist nowhere else in time and space.

Born in Mexico City, and currently residing in Bogotá, Colombia, the busy urban environment is where he dwells. Surrounded by chaos and crowds he draws inspiration from everything around him.  Evolving out of trial and error, he focuses his efforts on illegal surfaces – permission walls have no business being a part of his execution. He likes them to be clearly visible, accessible to all, and most notably, located next to something you are forced to look at every day, such as a street sign.

His approach is pure expression. Bold explosions of bright colours and patterning – almost psychedelic – with an untamed style that is both random and well-thought-out. No two works are alike, and he continues to grow and adapt to each piece as he delves deeper into experimentation.

His work can be seen all over the world, most notably in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, Spain, Germany, UK, France, Holland, Austria and Nepal.

To see more, check out his website. Or view his Flickr gallery.

There’s also a great interview with Stinkfish on Bombing Science’s website that’s worth reading.

Check him out in action:

OFFPROJECT Presents: Stinkfish

ALMA INK x Saks & Stinkfish // 2013

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Hailing from Nice, France, Flow is one of the awesomest graffiti artists, specializing in really gorgeous portraits of popular icons. Not much is known, other than the fact that he is a member of the popular TWE crew. Let’s keep it that way. 😉

Check out his artist page on Fat Cap.

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Primarily inspired by the ocean, visual artist EOIN’s works usually revolve around the imagery and motion of vast bodies of water and the art of surfing, but is starting to cast a wider net to capture the vivid emotions evoked by the human eye juxtaposed against either urban, abandoned, or natural environments.

EOIN manages to combine the two worlds – that of the man-made and that of the natural environment – into a landscape that both illustrates creation and erosion. I really love the works that involve the eyes, due to the fact that they invite you to open yours and let the windows to the soul interact with the world that surrounds.

To find out more about EOIN, and see more of their work, check out their website.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with street art created by polish graffiti artist Sainer, who is a member of Etam Crew. His characters have an ethereal quality and he’s super dextrous with a can, spreading his imaginative creations across the mundane urban landscape in Eastern Europe.

What I’m also really loving is his Junkies series – an interactive and interchangeable form of expression I have rarely seen. There are two series: Junkies I and Junkies II.

Check out more of Sainer’s art via, and also check out the other artists they are showcasing.

Check out more of Etam Crew via their website.

Look out Banksy – you’ve got a sneaky Russian guerilla street artist gearing up to blow you out of the water. Known only as P183, and cloaked in the shadow of enigma, this imaginative artist is throwing up some amazingly witty and wonderful pieces that are being spotted all over Moscow.

Like his predecessor, P183 creates works that are heavy with social and political commentary and playful optical illusions that bring new life to the urban landscape and force it to interact with his art. Amusing and mischievous, his style and technique follows that of the recent developments in street art that are quickly growing in popularity the world over. If he wants to keep his globally-admired street artist title, Banksy’s going to have to step it up a few notches.

If you can read Russian, or are just curious to see more, visit his website.

Belgian artist Philip Bosmans’ sketchbook must be an awesome sight to behold – apparently he doesn’t go too far without it, since all of his ideas, inspiration and ideas get crammed into it to avoid them slipping off into oblivion. I wouldn’t mind taking a peek some day.

Bosmans is also known on the streets as “amatic”. He was classically trained as a graphic designer but he’s a self-taught painter and graf artist with a real penchant for the surrealistic qualities of fantasy worlds beyond our own. From his sketchbooks springs forth a bountiful array of organic shapes and colours, strange distorted characters and twisted subject matter. It is not only an escape from the real world, it is an in-depth look at the spectrum of human emotion that is characterized in a dream-like state. I love the way he juxtaposes moods such as overlapping happiness with grief.

He’s also great with digital art as he is on canvas or concrete, constructing seemingly endless numbers of logotypes, and has won numerous awards, most notably the uber-prestigious Macworld UK Digital Artist of the Year Award 2011 for his work entitled “Origins of the Species”.

Currently, Bosmans is being represented by the ARTISHOX Art Agency. Check out his website, and his blog.

World Piecebook

Although it was released in June 2011, this book is still worth getting excited about if you’re a fan of graffiti. Following on the coattails of The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers and Piecebook Reloaded: Rare Graffiti Drawings, this volume celebrates the graf artist’s most prized gear: the blackbook. These private drawings hail from around the globe, featuring the art of well-known writers like Casino, Atome and Demote (Australia), Rens, Bates, and Swet (Denmark), Bacon, Zek and Virus (Canada), Zombie, Drax and Oker (England), Rio and Nami (Brazil), Nezm, Sniper and Shiro (Japan), Ders and Dare (Switzerland), Lunar & Dock (Croatia), Resm and Kas (Belgium), Blend, Rek and Ske (Puerto Rico), and many more.

Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente (Chino.A), the masterminds behind this work, are both veterans in the genre, and have many years of collective experience in the international graffiti scene between the both of them, and are sure not to disappoint. Buy it on Amazon or check it out at your local graffiti shop.

For more books on graffiti and street art, check out the shop at Bombing Science.

Born and raised in Toulouse, France (where they make the best sausages!), world-famous artist Fafi has come a long way. Her street art spans the world, from Hong Kong to New York, Mexico to Amsterdam, and everywhere in between. She’s designed collections for Adidas, Sony, LeSportSac, Coca-Cola, Colette and Mac Cosmetics. She’s been covered by the most prestigious international magazines such as Vogue, Elle, The Face, XLR8R, and Yen, just to name a few. 

Aside from that, her works are also documented in books that are sold internationally, mainly in museum libraries and specialty shops that sell art books. GIRLS ROCK was published in 2003 and LOVE AND FAFINESS in 2006. Although her life is changing now (in 2007 she was married to DJ Medhi and is now a mother, living in Paris), she continues to proliferate her world with strong female figures, imaginative creatures and nostalgic French influences.

After completing yet another collaboration with Adidas in October 2009, she is expected to be releasing a comic book this year.  I can’t wait!

Check out more of her art at Fafinette.

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