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Last week I went down to James Street North for the monthly Art Crawl and stumbled across the most whimsical animal heads created by textile designer and Sheridan student Keiley Stewart at the Surfacing Show inside of James Buttrum and Son Gallery. There was a fox, a lion and a hare and they were beee-utiful! 

She had artfully strung them from the ceiling at head-level so that people could stand up in them and try them on. A photographer kept busy taking shots of random art lovers wearing the heads and I was lucky to get mine taken with the fox head and added to the wall of fame. Totally interactive art always makes me smile – it’s so much more personal and memorable.

I also love that Keiley is into foxes – her fox scarf and ring are so adorable I want to break into her house and steal them (I’ll pay for the damages ;P). Seriously though – this girl has got talent and I hope she takes it a step further. 

Check out her site here. Can’t wait to see more from her soon!


Recently I’ve been looking to get inspired so I can set to work on re-tooling my portfolio, both for web and in print and I stumbled across some interesting advice on the subject of printed portfolios on Nubby Twiglet’s website. Aside from her extensive clientele and gorgeous eye for design and style, she also has a wonderfully simple and fresh take on graphic design and shares her ideas and expertise via her extensive blogging. As a budding designer, I strongly recommend taking a peep at what she has to offer. 

Check out more of her work here

[please click on each image to see them in action]

Breathing new life into photographs, street photographer Jamie Beck and her partner motion graphic artist Kevin Burg have combined efforts to create some of the most compelling cinematic GIFs I’ve ever seen. These stunning images capture single moments in time with a voyeuristic style that is truly inspiring. I hope to see more of these in the near future. 

Read the full story and see them in all of their glorious action here. View more of their work here. And see more beautiful Coco Rocha cinematographs here.

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