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Rob Dobi created the company Fullbleed just after he finished college to distract him from his real job designing t-shirts for bands as he worked in the music industry. Having been sick of interpreting other people’s ideas, he sprang forth and created his own and started releasing his new tees in 2004. Ever since, he’s been creating different designs every few months and the popularity of his cool threads has been growing steadily. Now a full-time job, he’s continuing to crank out sweet tees for the masses via his online shop.

Visit the Fullbleed shop to see more of these dope designs.

The methods in how we read are ever-changing in these increasingly technological times. As we head face-first into the future, books are undergoing an evolution from printed matter to electronic format – but is this a good thing? Are we unknowingly headed towards the destruction of literature as we know it? I for one, am still in love with the printed version. I love the smell of a new book. The crack of the spine when you first open it. Folding down a page corner or underlining a wonderfully thought-provoking line. I do own an e-reader but I scarcely pick it up, and I still haven’t purchased any ebooks (why bother when some of the greatest classics are free?). What happens when the power goes out or we’re vacationing in the middle of nowhere where there are few sources where we can get a charge? We need to be able to hang onto the fundamental art that is literature before it is brushed under the carpet with all the rest of antiquity.

Out of Print is an online source for clothing that celebrates history’s greatest literary works through amazing t-shirt graphics. Show off that you’re book-savvy with awesome, iconic works that showcase some really great cover art that is no longer in print. They work closely with the original artists, authors and publishers to obtain licensing and each garment is specially treated so that you slip into it like a well-worn, thoroughly enjoyed book.

The best part about Out of Print is that they also try to make books accessible to communities worldwide that might not otherwise have the means. For every product sold in their online shop, one book is donated to a community that is in need, via their partnership with Books For Africa.

So get out there and celebrate the classics – get people interested in books and show off your literary prowess! Check out Out of Print’s website for more fantastic designs!

Like many of us House Cats, Richard Wheeler got really disgusted by people dressed in Ed Hardy and Affliction when going out to the clubs – so he kick-started a line of tees dedicated to the House music scene that will hopefully change their mindset. He figures, these are nice people – they shouldn’t be dressed like douchebags. And I wholeheartedly agree.

His designs are simple, trendy, and get right to the point – it’s all about the music. He’s even got some of the hottest DJs and celebrities in the world rockin his threads. Though there’s not much of a varied selection as of yet, hopefully we’ll see more designs coming from Richard soon as his company grows.

To see more and upload your own pix, visit Richard’s website.

No one likes to dress like everyone else these days., Qwertee and Nowhere Bad are all great websites that offer limited edition t-shirt designs so you’re sure to be the only one in your community to have these cool threads. These guys usually only offer a small run of their designs for a short period of time – from about 24 hours to just 4 days. You can also submit your designs for consideration. 

You gotta jump on these before they slip away into obscurity – you’ll be the envy of all your hipster friends!

Check out the sites here:
Nowhere Bad



Nowhere Bad

Just when you thought skateboarding was the most uber-awesome hobby on the face of planet earth, Roger Skateboards slaps you in the face with some mondo-epic designs to blow your mind. 

Okay, well…maybe not epic…nor mind-blowing…but they’re sure to dredge up a smile, and make you wanna hit some pavement. 

Check out their wicked-smart site.

For more hipster awesomeness, check out the catalogue here.

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