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Your Dad’s a Boss. Hit ‘im right in the feels with a Father’s Day card straight from the heart. Greeting cards are now available for $4 in my Etsy Shop, in person at the James North Art Crawl this Friday, the AfterCrawl party at Club Absinthe that follows, Sidewalk Sounds on Concession Street on June 17th, or the Big Top For Pops Father’s Day Celebration of the Punk Rock Flea Market on June 19th! $1 from every greeting card is always donated to a local charity. Cheers to the Dads!


Mother’s Day is just a week away – if you still need to pick up a card for Mom, don’t hesitate to hit me up! 3 styles to choose from to show Mom some love. Handmade, $4 each, and $1 from every purchase goes towards a local Women’s Shelter – you can also find these in my Etsy Shop: AbominableInkShop 

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 5.26.18 PM.pngFazooli ornaments are still available in limited quantities! Choose from the “hood ornaments” (sneakers, spraycans & lucky sevens) for $15, feathers & lucky sevens (in all black or black, white & red) for $10, or corkscrews in little glass bottles for only $5! Available now at Compilation (22 Wilson Street, Hamilton, ON – next door to Dr Disc), or directly though me by emailing $1 from every item purchased through me will go towards feeding someone in need a Christmas dinner this year. Check out my Etsy shop (AbominableInkShop) for more great gift ideas! 

Hailing from the hipster capital of Portland, Oregon, Janell Anderson’s line of organic (and vegan), soap has some of the most adorable packaging and photography that makes it so enticing that I almost want to buy one of every kind. Using the simplest, all-natural ingredients, Anderson creates these lovely soaps using the traditional old fashioned methods of soap making, including a 4-week curing process. The packaging and photography really help these products stand out as premium handmade items and make them to die for. You can even get them as wedding/party favours!

Where’d the name come from? Anderson says that “Prunella (Princess Prunella…to be exact) was a nickname given to me by my mom when I was a little girl because I would stay in the bath too long…my fingertips would turn to ‘prunes!'”

Visit her shop on etsy to buy these delightful soaps!

Artist and musician Ben Giles has a penchant for vintage printed ephemera and uses elements to create his delightfully quirky collages in an often humorous way. He’s quickly becoming popular and his prints can be found on Society 6 and Etsy.

To see more of Giles’ work, visit his website.

While morning television usually spells the antithesis of inspiration in my world, I was greeted this morning with an unremarkable fluff piece on hand-painted shoes. The artist they had on the show was less than interesting, and once I visited her Etsy site, I was doubly unimpressed, but it triggered a thought – how many other people are out there designing beautiful one-of-a-kind shoes? This led me to do a little “investimagating”, as I like to call it, into the world of custom shoe design. These are only a few of the multitudes of awesome designs and artwork (in no particular order), that’s currently out there (and it barely scratches the surface).

Fire & Ice flats by Lauren Glick!


Here’s a few sites that also carry impressive custom shoe designs, if this kind of thing tickles your fancy:

Studio Jellyfish Shoes


Figgie Shoes

Your Kicks

Punk Your Chucks

Mallory Musante Shoes

On Etsy

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to let me know if you come across any other good sources!

You’re crafty and innovative with a flair for design. You’ve got your awesome creations posted for sale on Etsy and eBay. You’re super excited because things are starting to sell  – but how are you going to package them and still retain your entrepreneurial “DIY” image? Why leave the last stage of production up to the pros? Make your own original packaging! It’s easier than you thought with Paul Jackson’s new book “Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3-D Forms”. Now you can create some really cool box art and add all the finishing touches that will enhance your company’s image and make you look like a creative genius. Or if you simply want to make papercraft sculptures, the sky’s the limit.

All the step-by-step instructions are laid out and easy to follow with accompanying illustrations, and begins with leading you through the basics and stepping it up a notch for each project. Jackson wrote the book so that it could be followed in chronological order but if you fancy yourself an origami master, feel free to skip to whatever tickles your creative taste buds. He goes into a lot of great detail regarding closures and and self-locking forms, as well as the deconstruction of shapes and gives you a lot of room to work with and gets the ball rolling when it comes to creating custom 3-D paper art. Geometry in the 2-D and 3-D world hasn’t changed, but  Jackson explains, “they can be combined and deformed in a never-ending series of permutations to create a very great number of beautiful and practical forms.”

“Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes and 3-D Forms” hits bookstore shelves in February of 2012, so pre-order your copy now from Laurence King Publishing and Amazon.

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