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Lisbon-based urban “scrapffiti” artist Bordalo II is a master of creating compelling work from the refuse of the streets that surround him. Using a myriad of media to express his ideas, he interprets the city landscape in a whirlwind of assemblage that is as deeply rooted in chaos as it is in harmony and balance with the world around him. Not only is he recycling the trash around him, he is also providing commentary on his perception of how we live. He believes that though we have beautiful objects, they are often based on garbage, and we never really perceive that aspect.

His talent grew from a love of learning from his grandfather, who was a prolific Portugese painter, most known for his depictions of the streets of Lisbon. Having absorbed so much from his elder, he has evolved into a more modern version of his legacy. And he still has lots of time to grow…

Check out his website to see more amazing work. [Note: it still might be under construction]

“Like” him on Facebook and see his progress. He’s got lots of cool stuff posted all the time.


ImageFreelance graphic designer and illustrator Florian Nicolle hails from Caen, France – a Northwestern city on the coast near Le Havre that was all but destroyed during WW2’s Battle of Normandy. His work is as dynamic and spontaneous as the modern street art movement that’s invaded Europe over the past couple of decades – fresh, bold strokes, splashes of realism that fade into abstraction, and simple, raw expression.

His talent hasn’t gone unnoticed – he’s got a huge client base now, with top guns such as Nike, Puma, Nokia, ESPN classic, EA Sports Games Studio, Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros, Harajuku Lovers (by Gwen Stephani), KHL, Tanishq… just to name a few. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this young talent.

Check out his website to see more amazing work.

Also check out his gallery on the Behance Network.


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