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Saturday, July 23rd of 2011 the world lost yet another music legend – this time it was iconic soul singer Amy Winehouse. Not that it came as a shock to most, but it nevertheless left a gaping hole in the music community, and the hearts of her fans worldwide. 

I was myself a little saddened by the news – after all, her Back to Black album has been on heavy rotation on my iTunes since it was released. But at the same time, it was an expected end to a life filled with tumultuous behaviour. Now she joins the best of them – those frozen in time in the 27 Club – and her voice will live on and be celebrated forever more. 

In celebration of her life and music, today’s post is all about Amy Winehouse fan art. Enjoy!

Just when you thought skateboarding was the most uber-awesome hobby on the face of planet earth, Roger Skateboards slaps you in the face with some mondo-epic designs to blow your mind. 

Okay, well…maybe not epic…nor mind-blowing…but they’re sure to dredge up a smile, and make you wanna hit some pavement. 

Check out their wicked-smart site.

For more hipster awesomeness, check out the catalogue here.

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