The Elusive & Mysterious Bastardilla


Colombian street artist Bastardilla is changing the face of impoverished areas everywhere with her amazingly colourful and deeply heartfelt murals. Both evasive and enigmatic, the 28 year old has thrown up pieces in Bogota, Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, and has also bestowed her works on travelling friends to post on their journeys through places like Guatemala, Madrid, and Boston to increase the breadth of her reach. Her name is now known from Paraguay to Serbia, and continues to spread globally.

Bastardilla (Spanish for “italics”) is focused on the attention that’s drawn to her art, and not herself a an artist. Unlike many others in her field, she’s not interested in fame, and continues to hide in the shadows, and out of the media’s spotlight. Her voice is the people’s voice. The subjects she often paints are reflections of the community around her – people immersed in sadness, poverty and bound by emotional distress, and tirelessly working their hands to the bone to survive in a cruel world – gloriously immortalized in brilliant colour and bold lines.

Visit her website to see more of her incredible work.


922592 Bast-4 bastardilla_quibdo_choco bastardilla_valencia_Streetartnews2 Bastardilla-street_art_mexico_Oaxaca-600x398 bastcol coca_palabra_dulce_bastardilla_viena graffiti-inspiration-bastardilla-woman streetartnews_ericailcane_bastardilla_bolivia-82 streetartnews_ericailcane_bastardilla_modena_part_2_street_Art-5 tabacalera_zapata_cover_bastardilla_madrid_espanha1

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