The Dark World of Chris Cooksey


American artist Chris Cooksey creates some of the most intricate and imaginative sculptures using children’s toys, dolls, and found objects. These amazing compositions are rife with drama and mystery and remind me of the work of H.R. Giger and Hieronymous Bosch. The masterful industrial Rococo-inspired collage quality gives you a sense of living in a harsh and cruel environment, each element, whether human or mechanical, providing an important part to the overall whole.

I admire his patience with working in such detail and the scrutiny involved in every element. Both eccentric and utterly erratic, they convey a sense of darkness and beauty that live deep within the human soul.  


  1. ML warrn said:

    Interesting Are you a Cooksey from Russell, or related?

    • I am not. I just wrote this blog post – no connection to the artist whatsoever.

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