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I LOVE YOU TORONTO! The Karma Cup was quite literally the most profitable event I’ve ever worked. A gargantuan amount of planning and dedication was involved for this, and I want to thank Sarah Sunday @sarahsundayy first and foremost – not only do I love you as family, and one of my dearest friends, I am so proud of your amazing accomplishments and I am so honored to have been a part of the team. Thank you so much for everything you’ve given me over the years. Massive thank you to my intrepid assistant Joe Dang @thedangler_ – you saved my ass more than once this weekend, and stuck it through like a champ – I love you buddy, you’re going places kid. To the artists I worked with over the past few months – thank you for sticking with us through the kinks. Thanks also for all the media coverage – I don’t think I’ve ever had that many photos and interviews done during an event! And to everyone involved, attending, or supporting The Cup & The Cause – THANKS FOR THE LOVE & SUPPORT, KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT – WE’RE ALMOST THERE!
So ends my festival circuit for 2016 – it’s been the biggest and best year for me yet at this point in my career and I’m super stoked for all the great ones coming in 2017. 🍾 Catch me at the next event: Concession Street’s FALLFEST on Sat. Oct. 29th from 11-5pm – I’ve still got a few Mama Nugs mugs and stickers left to snag! Or drop into MMJ Canada @mmjcanada.eastcoast in Hess Village for a visit – starting tomorrow, all day – I’M BACK, BABY!! 🤘😘❤️

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