Bence Máté: The Invisible Photographer

Hungarian photographer Bence Máté has a real talent for photographing some of the hardest subjects ever to walk – or fly- this earth. Animals have always been one of the most finicky subjects, whether tame or wild, since they never do what you want them to do and that magic moment is so fleeting that it’s challenging to capture. When animals are in their native habitat it makes it all the more difficult. Máté has managed to master this fine art with a great deal of planning and a huge amount of patience – sprinkled with a little luck, of course.

Most of his amazing photographs include highly animated birds, but he’s also captured a good number of other species in action. Sometimes it takes days, weeks or months to get the shot he wants, but it’s all in how he’s set up for the shot that makes the difference. Focusing on composition and quality of focus turns a cool shot into a masterpiece.

To see more of his photos, visit his website. Hope you can read Hungarian! (You can always use the Google Translate feature)

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