The Surrealist Photography of Romain Laurent

Having only 6 years under his belt as a professional photographer, Romain Laurent has come a long way from his origins in the French Alps. Having studied Design in Paris, followed by Photography, he has a multitude of incredible talents at his disposal. His photographs have had enormous commercial success and his personal projects aren’t far behind. He creates images that are steeped in surrealism and realism alike – bending the world on an angle and framing it perfectly with his lens. While most of his work is done in post-production, his personal work is far more expressive and spontaneous than his commercial successes as he refuses to compromise with anyone else’s vision when focusing on his own. I’m a huge fan of his twisted sense of humor above all else.

Visit his website to see more of his amazing work.

From his series entitled “Tas” (“Piles”):

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