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Super stoked to be setting up my booth outside of Compilation at 22 Wilson Street for the May Art Crawl in Hamilton! I’ve got lots of new items to check out, including some new jewelry I’m working on. I’ll have some great deals going that are only limited to Art Crawl, so come down, check out some awesome music and art! Support local artists!

11205159_10155618151060651_7756054693070403167_n Compilation May Art Crawl Flyer

Like many of us House Cats, Richard Wheeler got really disgusted by people dressed in Ed Hardy and Affliction when going out to the clubs – so he kick-started a line of tees dedicated to the House music scene that will hopefully change their mindset. He figures, these are nice people – they shouldn’t be dressed like douchebags. And I wholeheartedly agree.

His designs are simple, trendy, and get right to the point – it’s all about the music. He’s even got some of the hottest DJs and celebrities in the world rockin his threads. Though there’s not much of a varied selection as of yet, hopefully we’ll see more designs coming from Richard soon as his company grows.

To see more and upload your own pix, visit Richard’s website.

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