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Rob Dobi created the company Fullbleed just after he finished college to distract him from his real job designing t-shirts for bands as he worked in the music industry. Having been sick of interpreting other people’s ideas, he sprang forth and created his own and started releasing his new tees in 2004. Ever since, he’s been creating different designs every few months and the popularity of his cool threads has been growing steadily. Now a full-time job, he’s continuing to crank out sweet tees for the masses via his online shop.

Visit the Fullbleed shop to see more of these dope designs.

Getting into the Halloween spirit? Don’t want to wear a costume but still want to look the part? Then check out these freaky awesome designs by Matthew Johnson – newly appointed King of the Creepers. His twisted and macabre designs are invading closets everywhere, and with good reason – they’re to die for!
You can find his designs at Seventh.Ink and also at Rumplo. While you’re there, pick up some extra sweet threads from other cutting-edge designers and artists – new designs are always being added!
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