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Belgian artist Philip Bosmans’ sketchbook must be an awesome sight to behold – apparently he doesn’t go too far without it, since all of his ideas, inspiration and ideas get crammed into it to avoid them slipping off into oblivion. I wouldn’t mind taking a peek some day.

Bosmans is also known on the streets as “amatic”. He was classically trained as a graphic designer but he’s a self-taught painter and graf artist with a real penchant for the surrealistic qualities of fantasy worlds beyond our own. From his sketchbooks springs forth a bountiful array of organic shapes and colours, strange distorted characters and twisted subject matter. It is not only an escape from the real world, it is an in-depth look at the spectrum of human emotion that is characterized in a dream-like state. I love the way he juxtaposes moods such as overlapping happiness with grief.

He’s also great with digital art as he is on canvas or concrete, constructing seemingly endless numbers of logotypes, and has won numerous awards, most notably the uber-prestigious Macworld UK Digital Artist of the Year Award 2011 for his work entitled “Origins of the Species”.

Currently, Bosmans is being represented by the ARTISHOX Art Agency. Check out his website, and his blog.

Eccentric British artist Rory Dobner creates ingenious pen and ink illustrations that capture insanely imaginative animal characters with a maximalist approach and a Victorian feel. His intricate works are all hand-drawn and have recently been discovered around 18 months ago by the art world – and now he has the universe clamoring on his doorstep with requests for more.

From a stay-at-home-dad to climbing the ladder to celebrity status, he’s expanding on his portfolio of whimsical drawings, and is now being represented by Opera Gallery, creating paintings, sculptures, home furnishings, tattoos and dabbling in graphic design. His works can now be seen all over the world, from prints and “objets d’art” in London at Liberty London and Bluebird to textiles and ceramics at  Via Bus Stop in Tokyo, Agent Provocateur boutiques and will be showcased in the next little while at Maison 24 in New York.

Dobner is very much attracted to the world of the Victorian Era, drawing upon it heavily for influence of his drawings. His love of inventions of that time period are reflected heavily in his work, using similar materials that give off a sense of heritage and character. He also likes to keep his works personal and has been commissioned by people to create portraits that have uniquely personal touches. Every little detail is drawn by hand, then reproduced in prints. He prides himself on not even using pencil to sketch things out – he just puts pen to paper and starts going to work. His intuition and expert hand leave no room for error. As he works, he breathes life into his characters and creates individual personalities for each one, then when he’s finished, he mounts and frames every print himself.

To check out more of his amazing work, visit his website.

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