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Couple snaps from the #UNITYOne #fashionshow I was in a week ago. Clearly I am not a model 😆 but it was definitely an experience to remember! Big thank you to Nalini Singh for having me model her dress and making me the featured artist for the show! 😘❤️

📸: Shelly Cameron

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I had the pleasure to model for Derrick Van Der Kolk today at the DVDK Studio in The Cotton Factory for his series on “People That Are Interesting”. I love how raw and honest these are – Derrick is really amazing at his craft – and has the most incredible ability to bring all your emotions out and throw them on the table for all to see. No retouching, just straight up portraits of people as they are.

Check his work out on his company’s website: Style Group and consider hiring him and his awesome team for your next shoot!


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