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Got Halloween plans? I do! I’m setting up my booth at Club Absinthe and getting into the Halloween spirit alongside the amazing taxidermy art of Ankixa Risk of Casual Taxidermy and the adorable Veronica Radd who’s got some cool new stuff in store. Wade McNeil from Alexisonfire will be DJing all night long. Come check us out – feel free to message me for free guestlist and make sure you’ve got a great costume planned, cuz there’s gonna be a huge contest at the end of the night with a cash prize!


What better way to celebrate Halloween with some wicked pumpkin art? Ray Villafane is the artistic genius behind some of the most famous pumpkin carvings that have made their way across the world. Starting out his career as an elementary and high school art teacher, Villafane quickly discovered his love for sculpture was a big hit with the kids and their families. After being commissioned to sculpt pumpkins by parents, he moved on to creating pieces for restaurants and hotels. After spending a weekend with a friend who sculpted for Disney, he went home and went straight to work on further developing his passion. Today, his works include toys and sand sculptures as well as his trademark pumpkins. He’s won competitions on Food Network, had his work commissioned for the White House, Warner Bros./DC Comics, Marvel, McFarlane Toys, Hasbro, Sideshow Collectibles and his talent has taken him across the world. Now he’s got his own studios and employs a team of master carvers.

To check out more about Ray Villafane and his crew, check out his website, Villafane Studios.

Getting into the Halloween spirit? Don’t want to wear a costume but still want to look the part? Then check out these freaky awesome designs by Matthew Johnson – newly appointed King of the Creepers. His twisted and macabre designs are invading closets everywhere, and with good reason – they’re to die for!
You can find his designs at Seventh.Ink and also at Rumplo. While you’re there, pick up some extra sweet threads from other cutting-edge designers and artists – new designs are always being added!
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