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Couple snaps from the #UNITYOne #fashionshow I was in a week ago. Clearly I am not a model 😆 but it was definitely an experience to remember! Big thank you to Nalini Singh for having me model her dress and making me the featured artist for the show! 😘❤️

📸: Shelly Cameron

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Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.41.17 PM.pngI am so honoured to be the featured artist & also a model at the launch of UNITY ONE / The Faces of Change on Saturday, November 12th! Fashion, live music, vendors, a meet and greet with very special guests, and an awards ceremony to recognize our community’s amazing shining stars – more details will be coming soon!

“UNITY ONE / The Faces of Change was founded to raise awareness for Victims of Racism, Gender Inequality and Bullying. This evening will be bringing together like minded individuals of all nationalities, religions and over all diversity to share in each others creativity and experiences. 21 Altruistic individuals will also be recognized for their ongoing support in enhancing the quality of life for others.”

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