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Recently, I received an email from a really cool company called Zagoo, based in Zurich, Switzerland. They create truly unique custom fashion designs on all kinds of functional items such as shoes, bags, and hats. I really love that they don’t manufacture mass-produced items and everything is one-of-a-kind, and created by real artists! They also cater to every taste and style, so you can have something made in whatever subject you’re passionate about.

They only use quality materials, leather and fabrics in their creations, and they claim to stock them in limited quantities so they are always expanding on their resources, which means that every item is a limited edition. They also pride themselves on working with a small group of carefully-selected artists and provide fair working conditions. Although they might be a little pricey (and in Euros), these high quality pieces of art are well worth the investment. And what woman wouldn’t want one of these hand-painted shoes – they are to die for!

Check out more of their amazing designs, and inquire about custom work, on the Zagoo website. (Yes, there is an english version, just click on the Union Jack flag.)

If you have something cool to share with me, don’t hesitate to send me an email at

While morning television usually spells the antithesis of inspiration in my world, I was greeted this morning with an unremarkable fluff piece on hand-painted shoes. The artist they had on the show was less than interesting, and once I visited her Etsy site, I was doubly unimpressed, but it triggered a thought – how many other people are out there designing beautiful one-of-a-kind shoes? This led me to do a little “investimagating”, as I like to call it, into the world of custom shoe design. These are only a few of the multitudes of awesome designs and artwork (in no particular order), that’s currently out there (and it barely scratches the surface).

Fire & Ice flats by Lauren Glick!


Here’s a few sites that also carry impressive custom shoe designs, if this kind of thing tickles your fancy:

Studio Jellyfish Shoes


Figgie Shoes

Your Kicks

Punk Your Chucks

Mallory Musante Shoes

On Etsy

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to let me know if you come across any other good sources!

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