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Guilt - Opie Snow

Oregon’s Opie Snow continually redefines the context of femininity in her explorations of the feminine form in her gorgeously textured multi-media paintings. Having departed from a previous obsession with florals, she now delves into the evolution of feminine mythology, and the essence of power, demonization, sexuality, as well as the stark juxtaposition between oppression and liberation.

Her works convey a deep sense of beauty and otherworldliness in an often dark and brooding atmospheric quality, and each figure’s movements convey the simultaneous expression of tension and release. Combining the paradigms of her youth in the deep forests of Oregon, with the harshness of the street art style of the New York urban landscape in which she now lives, she lends a powerful visceral emotion to her figures – they carry themselves like queens, empowered by their tortured existence, and defiant in the face of the banal.

Currently she is working on a collaboration with Micah Blacklight in Brooklyn, New York that combines fine art, haute couture fashion and multi-media, entitled BlackSnow.

To learn more about Opie Snow, visit her website.

Tongue - Opie Snow Self - Opie Snow Self 2 - Opie Snow Beauty Beast - Opie Snow Angel - Opie Snow

Philly-born Matt Wisniewski is a young web developer who’s taught himself to create artistic “visual experiments,” as he likes to call them, using beautifully photographed portraits to create airy and ethereal collages infused with natural elements. Currently based in Brooklyn, he is finishing a computer science degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and works alongside photographers and artists in his free time.

Visit his website to see more of these simply gorgeous collages.

Alternatively, you can visit his tumblr, and read more in an interview at Yatzer.


Ian Sklarsky is a Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based artist who’s been creating amazing abstract portraits – over 700 in the past five years alone – illustrating everything from people to pets using only pen, ink, and a splash of water colour.

The 30-year-old became engrossed in the traditional blind contour method of drawing when he learned about it in a high school art class – the artist must trace the outline of the subject in one line, without looking at the paper or canvas, creating a very expressive and abstract result. Sklarsky has to put himself in the right mindset to allow his hand to guide him across the page, keeping absolutely zen throughout the process – which can sometimes be no easy feat, as when he works on large format portraits, such as group illustrations that tower over six feet high.

Sklarsky’s portraits often begin around $65 and go up from there, depending on the size and complexity as well as the time to complete each one. They are all signed and sealed with wax, and he also offers an epoxy glaze option to those who want it, which tends to cause the paper to become somewhat translucent so you can back-light it for emphasis in your decor.

To see more, obtain a commissioned piece, and find out when and where he is appearing next, check out Sklarsky’s website. He is also on Tumblr, so be sure to visit often to see the progress of his work. Cool Hunting also recently posted a video of Sklarsky working on one of his portraits – you can view it here.

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