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Brooklyn-based artist Anthony Lister and I share a common view – that the “heroes” that are presented through the media, that surround us at every step, are often misguided, and less glamorous than we perceive them to be. As someone who’s worked behind the scenes in television and film for many years, I know this one all too well and can relate to his ennui, but I do love how he interprets this world through his art.

With his art, Lister splashes this message anywhere he can – any way he can, using stickers, markers, and aerosol paint, drawing from his past experiences growing up in Brisbane, Australia, his travels around the world, and his life as a husband and father of two. His subject matter usually revolves around the pop culture icons that have populated his sphere – skateboarding, comic book superheroes, tattoos, television, graffiti, pop culture, advertising, jail birds, the internet and Aussie celebrity gangsters.

He’s also shown his work around the globe in exhibitions both in museums and on the streets, all over Australia, the U.S., the U.K. and Europe. He’s been featured on many art-related websites such as, and And something tells me this is just the beginning…

Check out more of his awesome work on his website.

Hailing from Spokane, Washington, illustrator and photo-manipulator David Waters managed to land some pretty big clients while he was recently at the University of Idaho, studying graphic design. Huge companies like Adidas, Nike, and ESPN feature some of his work in their ads and he has had his work appear in a multitude of publications (on and offline), such as Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, Abduzeedo, and Digital Arts Magazine. And no wonder – this guy’s work is amazing!

What I love about Waters is that he doesn’t really stick to one formal artistic genre – he bounces around the grid creating a really rich and varied body of work. Inspired by his day-to-day experiences, and mentored by his colleagues and professors, he genuinely embraces creativity and makes a point of keeping his skills sharply-honed by constantly producing imaginative creations.

To see more, visit his website.

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