I assemble these in small batches, so many of them are limited edition, hand-numbered & signed. Cause, why wear something everyone else has? Most are strung on 14k gold or .925 silver hooks. 

These are all for sale in person at all Hamilton Art Crawls, Punk Rock Flea Markets, Concession Street Sidewalk Sounds street festivals, as well as my Etsy shop: AbominableInkShop.

If you want to place an order to be shipped to you, I accept Paypal & e-Transfers. Jewelry will be shipped within 1-2 business days upon order. Or you can simply arrange with me for pickup or delivery. Message me for details! 

Hamilton Art Crawls are always on the 2nd Friday of every month on James Street North in Hamilton. Sidewalk Sounds is the 3rd Friday of every month from May – September, and the Punk Rock Flea Markets happen on the second last Sunday of every month from May – September. Come down and support local art!

[Click the grid above to enter the gallery and see more information about each piece]

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