Thank You London, Call The Office, and the Punk Rock Flea!

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 9.44.01 PM.png

Days like this remind me why I work so hard at my art game – it’s the smiles and laughter that shine when people see something they immediately connect with. It totally makes my heart soar like an eagle. *ka-kaw!* 🦅 Every time I come to London, I have the best time with the raddest cats. HUGE THANK YOU to all of the awesome people who supported my silly art and showed me love, as well as everyone who worked so hard to organize and run the @punkrockfleamarketlondon@calltheoffice, with special thanks to @shopnervoushabits and @livefreeordieapparel for bein the baddest boss babes. Love you guys – hope to see you again soon!

#prfmldn#calltheoffice #bestday #sundaylove#punkrockfleamarket #punkrockflea#thrivingartist #slayedit#sunnyskiesandsquintyeyes

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