Finally, I’m Sponsoring My First Skate Jam!

Been anticipating this day – I’ve been asked to be a sponsor for this dope skate jam that’s happening at Beasley on May 14th! This event is being put on to help raise funds for a short film that my friend Nick Bassett is working on called “The Dirt From Our Sneakers”, a true story of the trials and tribulations of growing up in the downtown core of our gritty steel city of Hamilton. It’s gonna be hella dope. I can’t wait to start helping out for this! Don’t miss this event – it’s gonna be tons of fun for all ages, with an after-party at Che Burrito Lounge, where we’re gonna have a crazy burrito eating contest. PUT YO’ QUARTER UP AND GET INVOLVED!PUT-YOUR-QUARTER-UP-SKATE-JAM-POSTER

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