The Whimsically Stuffed Creatures of Mister Finch

Juxtapozmisterfinch07Is there anything more visually stunning and supremely tactile than the gorgeous stuffed creatures of self-taught Leeds textile artist Mister Finch? His sculptures are so incredibly charming and sophisticated in character I just want to reach out and give them a squeeze. (Wouldn’t mind giving this beautiful gent a squeeze myself!)

Collecting textiles from all over and combining them with scraps of scattered, lost and unwanted objects and mediums, he hand stitches elements of the forgotten and discarded and breathes new life into them in his own fantastical way. Their antique qualities evoke the ancient world of fairy-tales and the mysterious otherworldly stuff of dreams, as he weaves and stitches their stories together.

To find out more about this incredibly lovely man, and see what he’s creating next, visit his beautiful websiteJuxtapozmisterfinch00 Juxtapozmisterfinch01 Juxtapozmisterfinch02 Juxtapozmisterfinch03 Juxtapozmisterfinch04 Juxtapozmisterfinch05 Juxtapozmisterfinch06 Juxtapozmisterfinch09 Juxtapozmisterfinch11 Juxtapozmisterfinch12 Juxtapozmisterfinch13 Juxtapozmisterfinch15 Juxtapozmisterfinch16 Juxtapozmisterfinch18 Juxtapozmisterfinch19 Juxtapozmisterfinch20

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