Judi Harvest: A Brave New World of Apiary Art

2011workerbeeandhiveAmerican artist Judi Harvest works with Murano glass and wire to delicately construct her hive sculptures that mimic nature in the most incredibly surreal transformation. These gorgeous works vary in intricacy, but each one displays in inordinate amount of skill in glassworking – one of the trickiest mediums to master.

Each vessel begins with a hand-rolled cylinder of chicken wire, wire found in Venice and characterized by a finer module than that of the hive sculptures made in New York. Glass is blown into the cylinder, protrudes between the wires, and balloons delicately above the top. Some vessels retain wire embedded in their surfaces. Amber glass is the base color in which Harvest mixes gold or silver leaf and other additives that affect opacity, reflectivity, and hue. Sprinkling the hot surface with powdered glass pigment and reinserting the vessel into the furnace creates a rough yet dainty texture that resembles a dusting of pollen. (Denatured: Honeybees + Murano catalogue, Venice, 2013)

Aside from her art, her love of beekeeping fuels her inspiration – the complicated structures and buzzing activity of the hives drives her to create these amazing pieces. A truly talented and interesting individual to say the least.

To find out more about her and see more of these awesome creations, check out her website.

2009_Bees_Murano-Glass-Bee-Hive-I 2009_Bees_Murano-Glass-Bee-Hive-II 2009_Bees_Murano-Glass-Bee-Hive-III_20x17x15in_01 2011hiveandbabydrone 2013Alveare-dOro 2013Gigante 2013Honey-vessel-double-line-close-up


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