The Visual Poetry of Inez Kozic

11-ines-kozic-yatzerI am ever enamoured of the beautiful photography of French artist Inez Kozic. She delicately constructs incredible images that both convey a sense of serene beauty and inarticulate horror. Playfully decorating her subjects with hair, bone, and insects, she transforms even the most mundane of domestic chores into scenes of breathtaking exquisiteness and understated passion. The unique dream-like way she portrays her subjects adds to the quality of solitude and quiet reflection that these photographs already inherently possess, creating visual poetry.

To check out more of her work, check out her website.

1-ines-kozic-yatzer 3-ines-kozic-yatzer 4-ines-kozic-yatzer 5-ines-kozic-yatzer 6-ines-kozic-yatzer 8-ines-kozic-yatzer 9-ines-kozic-yatzer 10-ines-kozic-yatzer 13-ines-kozic-yatzer 15-ines-kozic-yatzer 17-ines-kozic-yatzer


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