The Miami Marine Stadium: A Mecca For Graffiti Artists in Southern Florida

Stitched PanoramaIn 1963, 28 year old Cuban architect Hilario Candela designed a 6,566 seat stadium specifically created for the presentation of world class water sports, at a cost of around $2 million. On the day it opened, a famous speed boat racer, James Tapp, was killed during a race, which didn’t bode well for the stadium’s karma. Regardless, it thrived for many years, and even evolved in the 70’s to include concerts and other sporting events like boxing as part of it’s purpose. Then Hurricane Andrew hit. On September 18th, of 1992, it was finally declared unsafe under the Miami-Dade County building code. Since that time, it has been overtaken by graffiti artists and photographers alike, due to it’s prime location and panoramic view of the city of Miami. On April 28th, in 2009, it was listed to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. And on April 18th, 2012, the American Institute of Architects added it to the Florida Architecture: 100 Years, 100 Places list.

_DSC3341fs 10-marine-stadium-graffiti 42a80a2ef33800d7ac2abcc2ed4311b8-2763ae5b8b3de0656a952762272bc009 7216163502_c1a242e49b_z Abandoned-Marine-Stadium-2(pp_w958_h639) abandoned-miami-marine-stadium AbandonedMiamiMarineStadiumVirginiaKeyFlorida46 b82f8ab474664214a5518d62f1b14346-2926ace153028e2ebc7f7b3773262a9e DSC_8470 IMG_0247 Marine Stadium12 marine-front Marine-Stadium-Miami-Untapped-Cities-Adrian-Machense miami_marine_stadium_1 Miami-Marine-Stadium-Graffiti Street art in Miami (Miami Marine Stadium) by Leza One (Eyes) and Picel Pancho (Robot Animal)flat,550x550,075,f

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