The Exquisite Aquatic Glass Lifeforms of Shayna Leib


American glass artist Shayna Leib’s fascination with glassblowing started at the early age of seven years old, when she was first introduced to the practice at a local university. Since then, she’s grown and developed an incredible amount of skill in the art of glassworks, having studied at California Polytechnic State University and the University of Wisonsin-Madison, and focusing on the study of sculptural objects and the vessel.

“I use glass, not for its mimetic quality to capture the look of stone or plastic, but for its most unique properties; the inclination to flow, the capacity to freeze a moment in time, and its ability to manipulate optics.”

Aquatic-inspired forms and the beautiful otherworldly lines and colour qualities they possess, comprise the bulk of her work, as she redefines the use of glass to create an intelligent design aesthetic – almost lifelike in the way the forms coalesce, and how they work together when confined in rigidly-structured geometric boxes to create a gorgeous sense of style.

Visit her website to see more of her incredible work.




6-species-gallery-version Archipelago7-smCrivetz eleuthera-web flux-sm_000habatatchicagoshaynalieb laminar-600x411 Shayna_Leib-Stiniva-web_000 Shayna-Leib-foto-Jaime-Young Stiniva

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