Butcher Billy’s Post-Punk New Wave Super Friends


Curitiba, Brazil is the home of Butcher Billy, an uber talented graphic designer who employs his love of his musical influences with the cartoon superheroes of his childhood. Deeply steeped in nostalgia, he combines the two to create a whole new generation of iconic themes. The intertwining of dramatically revolutionary music that is driven by emotion, and the superhuman qualities of comic book superheroes, amounts to a different level of perfection. It gives the characters a deeper level of human pathos – flawed and corruptible, they take on a whole new form of sincerity and become more human.

The Superhero Media Crossover Project can be viewed here.

Check out his page on Society6 to purchase prints and other fun items.

He’s also on Behance – check out his page there too!

ButcherBilly02 ButcherBilly03 ButcherBilly04 ButcherBilly05 ButcherBilly06 ButcherBilly07 ButcherBillyBatman_FRANK151

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