Utterly Intricate and Frangible: The Sculptures of Franc Grom

ImageI’m a great in the kitchen, but when it comes to eggs, I’m all thumbs – that’s why I’m so smitten by the incredible patience and skill of Franc Grom. His egg sculptures are absolutely amazing, and yet so fragile, that one can barely breathe around them without fear of shattering their beautiful and masterful designs.

Inspired by the Slovenian designs that are traditionally found in the small village of Vrhinka where he grew up, Grom works with a very tiny electric drill, a rock-steady hand and the eye of an eagle to create these stunning works. Sometimes it can take him several months to finish one, because the process of piercing such miniscule holes into such a delicate medium takes thousands and thousands of hours of patience and dedication (and some 2,500 to 17,000 holes per egg). Some of them have connecting parts that are barely a millimeter thick and he often illuminates them from the inside to draw more attention to the details. At this point, he is reported to have over three hundred of these eggs completed.

To see more, visit his tumblr page.


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