The Technogeneous OtherWorld of Sergey Skachkov

Chaos-Melody-992x609Russian artist Sergey Skachkov uses Photoshop to create wonderous otherworldy cityscapes that ignite the imagination and tell a thousand tales.

“I dream of strange, wonderful cities on the water and hear a beautiful tune. This is a parallel world that lives from its own law and rules. The metallic rasp of a technogeneous world serves as a background for the sound of horns warning about something. The very air seems replete with humming and buzzing melodies. This fantastic apparition fascinates and astonishes.”

The combination of science fiction and fantasy is tinged with a slight touch of steampunk to create an incredible body of futuristic works worthy of the attention of filmmakers worldwide. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see these landscapes brought to life on screen?

Visit his portfolio to see more amazing work.

To buy prints, visit
191407_1149994325_large_191407_1266926546_large_by_Atris 'Babel' tumblr_m3t7nf9a9F1qhttpto4_1280191407_1145338034_large

  1. ScrapAndSalvage said:

    work reminds me of The Secret of NIHM. ha 🙂

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