All Hands on Decks! The Recycled Skate Art of Haroshi


What better way to kick off 2013 with some really dope skate art created out of recycled materials. Japanese artist and avid skater Haroshi is making his mark in the art scene by transforming used wooden skateboard decks into three dimensional sculptures that evoke popular skate themes. By fusing the decks together, cutting them into mosaics, then assembling the pieces and carving away, he’s developed a technique that gives each piece a very intricate and colourful one-of-a-kind pattern based on the revealed layers. A lot of the used decks were even once owned by pro team riders. How cool is that?

To find out when and where his next show is, visit his website.

huf-haroshi-wood-sculptures-2Haroshi-8 huf-haroshi-wood-sculptures-4 huf-haroshi-wood-sculptures-5Haroshi-Jonathan-Levine-AM-01 Haroshi-Jonathan-Levine-AM-03 Haroshi-Jonathan-Levine-AM-08 Haroshi-Jonathan-Levine-AM-19 Haroshi-Jonathan-Levine-AM-22 Haroshi-Jonathan-Levine-AM-29 Haroshi1b Haroshi2 haroshi_skate02 harvest-haroshi-skate-destroy-recap-9haroshi-studio-visit-by-nathan-perkel-02 haroshi-studio-visit-by-nathan-perkel-01haroshi-studio-visit-by-nathan-perkel-00


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