The Darkly Apocalyptic World of Nikola Radovic

0ff6327ca307714389e1a46d265c0e78Nikola Radovic is a concept artist and illustrator who’s recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb, Croatia, focusing mainly on animation and new media. Works currently include acting as Lead Animator on “Flower of Battle” by Simon B. Narath in 2010 and in a DIEDRA studio short titled “MalleusDei” by Dino Krpan in 2011. I’m loving the atmospheric tense of Radovic’s style – dark and sombre subjects and landscapes that appear almost apocalyptic using beautiful textural washes of colour that lend a deep painterly quality. The character development is also pretty awesome – it would be very cool to see this kind of work introduced into the sphere of video games.

To view more work, check out Radovic’s portfolio.

You can also buy prints at Society6.

And perhaps peep this blog.


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