The Techno-Pop Explosive Style of Pedro Vilas-Boas

15539323234d925e87b9ea05.54216718-530x418Multidisciplinary director, designer and artist Pedro Vilas-Boas has an electrifying and totally eclectic body of work that turns the ordinary into something truly vibrant and electric. Born in Portugal and working out of Lisbon, Vilas-Boas works with an awesome team to create some of the most captivating websites, designs and graphics for some of the world’s biggest clients, including Nike, Carlsberg and Nokia to name a few.

His influence generates an incredible mix of futuristic elements, clever juxtapositions, motion and infuses everything with an unearthly electricity that jolts everything to life in a really cool, surreal way. This techno-pop explosion is what keeps him on the cutting edge and the dynamic quality of his work is what attracts the biggest movers and shakers in the modern world.

To see more of his work, check out his website.


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