Cryptik’s Eastern Philosophy: A Catalyst for Change


Hawaii’s Cryptik has been creating street art for some time, but his most recent development has been delving into Eastern philosophy and religion and spreading it’s message of awareness, peace and evolution towards enlightenment to the public through his richly decorative graffiti work. He deftly constructs images of Ghandi, Ganesh, Buddhist gods and elements of Eastern mysticism and weaves them throughout the urban landscape.

What I love about Cryptik’s work is that it not only decorates deteriorating city walls, but it serves as a reminder to the people to challenge their beliefs, find themselves within the larger fabric of the universe and explore new possibilities, without slapping a political or religious agenda onto it. Isn’t art intrinsically about the motivation for inspiration and thought? Cryptik’s works prove to be an illuminating catalyst, at very least.

Check out more on Cryptik and his cause, via his website. Also be sure to check out his new book “Cryptik: Eastern Philosophies” available at Zero Publishing.

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  1. ScrapAndSalvage said:

    love it

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