The Surreal World of Amanda McCavour

Toronto-based artist Amanda McCavour creates beautiful and surreal creations using thread and a specific kind of fabric that dissolves in water. By sewing over the same lines over and over again, she builds up the thread so that it can hold the image together when the base is removed. Though the pieces look like they will fall apart, they are deceivingly structurally sound.

Bridging the gap between the fragility of thread and it’s inherent capability to create strength when sewing things together, Amanda’s works capture the essence of preservation of objects that are deteriorating in a delightfully illustrative way. Weaving through her creations, one feels like they are traveling through a living storybook. I’d love to have the chance to learn the process of how this is done – it looks like a lot of fun!

To see more of Amanda’s creativity, check out her website.


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