Mad C: Getting Crazy on The Jurassic Park Wall

German graffiti artist Mad C started bombing in the late 90’s and has spent much of her life traveling the world and leaving traces of herself behind in the form of art – Sweden, France, USA, United Kingdom, Lebanon, South Africa, Bolivia, Hawaii, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Norway, Poland, Russia, the list goes on. She is also a member of the Bandits crew (GER/F) since 2001, part of the Wallnuts crew (USA) since 2007 and member of SUK (planet earth) since 2009. Her biggest fait accompli to date is her 700wall – a 700 square metre wall she painted using only a ladder in 2010, which tells the story of a graffiti writer, with her name interspersed throughout in more than 100 diverse font styles. So it’s no surprise that concept walls are her ultimate forte, and she continues to impress with her newest addition – The Jurassic Park Wall.

The wall measures 14 metres long by 6 metres tall (84 square metres), and it was the first chance Mad C had the opportunity to use a lifting platform to help her out. The story she weaves is one of life living beyond the point of extinction – based on a quote by Dr. Ian Malcolm (the main character from Jurassic Park). I love the extreme realism and detailed illustrative qualities that Mad C incorporates into her works, and the fact that she always has an impactful statement to make. I can’t wait to see more impressive works from her – makes me want to start saving up so I can travel the globe and try to spot her mark…

Check out her blog to find out more about Mad C.

Additionally, you can check out her published work “Street Fonts”, published in 2011 by Thames & Hudson.

Also check out her videos on Vimeo. And the making of the Jurassic Park Wall on YouTube.

  1. ScrapAndSalvage said:

    so great. especially coupled with the last photo…

    • 🙂 Yeah I had to add that in there. I’m hoping to see more from her soon! Such great can control!

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