Spectacular Spectacles

A nerdist at heart, I love my glasses and would never opt for the inconvenience of contact lenses over the aesthetic design of truly beautiful frames. Besides, what better way is there to express yourself than to change up your eyewear? Here’s a few awesome styles that have recently caught my eye and thought I’d share…

Over-the-top fashion designer Jeremy Scott and luxury eyewear company Linda Farrow have collaborated on a fresh new line of sunglasses last spring that really caught my attention. Seen on celebrities and fashionistas alike, they’ve been worn by fashion-forward people like Kanye West and Lady Gaga. The collection includes three styles – Hands, Winged and Cross – and come in a variety of show-stopping colours. They usually retail between $246-$300 (U.S.).

Buy them now at polyvore.com.

More Jeremy Scott fashion items can be found for sale at colette.fr.

Dutch company Herrlicht makes these sweet wooden frames. Gorgeously hand-crafted, they’ll only set you back about $1000. (But I’m sure they’re worth every penny!)

Check out the Herrlict website to find out more.

I’m the worst for putting down my glasses the wrong way and getting the lenses scratched, which is why I wish these glasses will hit the market soon. Kenji Tomeda designed these beautiful Hammock Eyeglass frames to prevent the destruction of lenses once and for all. Using a “two leg” design, they sit like a small table, and the structure itself enables the wearer to place their glasses on a surface without the lens coming in contact with it. They fold together neatly again when opened and don’t require any extra bulk, which makes them super lightweight and easy to wear. Still in the stages of concept, hopefully these will soon be available on the market.

If you’d like to find out more, you can try to contact Kenji Tomeda via coroflot.

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