Kampmann’s Krazy Kool Kreations

Christopher Derek Kampmann

July 21, 1980 – August 30, 2012

It was exactly a week ago today that I received the news that one of our dear friends, Chris Kampmann had passed suddenly at his home. It came as a great shock to everyone, but we all came together in support, to celebrate his life and how lucky we were to have known him. Purveyor of hilarious and eccentric hairstyles, comedian at large, crafter of colourful language and “Kampmann-isms”, creative genius, and one of the most entertaining and lovable people I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter, Chris was truly a force to be reckoned with. He was the King of Halloween – a master of costumes and special effects makeup artistry. A man of a million nicknames – so many in fact, that we can’t remember them all – he could build anything from scratch, fix anything that was seemingly beyond repair, and was always happy to lend a hand or give helpful advice. The world will never be the same without his presence but he lives on in our hearts and fond memories. This post is in celebration of him and the wonderful art that he created. These are are just a few of Kampmann’s Kreations

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