The Fleeting Beauty of Jim Denevan’s Sand Art

Playing with nature is Jim Denevan’s favourite hobby – he surfs, he’s a chef and he’s a well-known sand artist. Simply using a driftwood stick and a few rakes, he creates enormous majestic geometric designs on the flat expanse of the beach. The greatest part is that his work is entirely improvised – he just begins with a centre point and works his way outwards, creating large spirals and perfect circles until he’s covered most of the area. Much of his work is entirely interactive, springing forth from a series of strategic movements – like a dance with nature – and inviting the public to explore the space when they are completed. These beautiful works are temporary though – the tides wash them clean away in stages as they were created, and so the cycle begins anew. He has also branched off into working with snow-and-ice-covered terrain and I can’t wait to see more!

To see more of Denevan’s designs, visit his website.

There is also an interesting article in which he speaks to GQ about his work.

    • Agreed! I love the effect of such simplicity on such a huge scale!

  1. ScrapAndSalvage said:


    • Yup! And to think all he uses is a stick and a couple of rakes!

  2. Reblogged this on Ola Niña and commented:
    Sand art…. all we can say… AMAZING.

    • Thank you! I appreciate a re-blog! And yes – Jim’s creativity is unbelievably awesome!

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