Prunella Soap Leaves You Dripping With Cuteness

Hailing from the hipster capital of Portland, Oregon, Janell Anderson’s line of organic (and vegan), soap has some of the most adorable packaging and photography that makes it so enticing that I almost want to buy one of every kind. Using the simplest, all-natural ingredients, Anderson creates these lovely soaps using the traditional old fashioned methods of soap making, including a 4-week curing process. The packaging and photography really help these products stand out as premium handmade items and make them to die for. You can even get them as wedding/party favours!

Where’d the name come from? Anderson says that “Prunella (Princess Prunella…to be exact) was a nickname given to me by my mom when I was a little girl because I would stay in the bath too long…my fingertips would turn to ‘prunes!'”

Visit her shop on etsy to buy these delightful soaps!

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