I Am Morley: Hear Me Rawr

Los Angeles street artist Morley has a quirky way of expressing himself by using very bold typographic posters that bear his image that he wheat pastes across the city. His sense of humor and original take on life as we know it poses as a fresh alternative to the prolific bombardment of advertising that we ingest in even the most mundane of situations. Working against the corporate slogans that we’ve innately memorized, he infuses a truly personal, sympathetic,  and freshly positive mode of thought that inspires hope and creativity in the average pedestrian – at least one would hope. And he isn’t hiding behind the cloak of anonymity – which affords him a more intimate form of delivery of each message. Willing to post anywhere that doesn’t involve caning as a law enforcement tactic, he’s started to branch outwards to spread his word across the world.

So here’s to making this a better planet – a more positive one, and one in which we don’t beat ourselves over the head on a daily basis, just because we don’t keep up with the Joneses.

To see more of Morley’s work, visit his blog.

Amusing tidbit from Morley’s bio:

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