The Art of Sound

Art lover? Tired of unsightly speaker cables running through your house and clunky speaker boxes taking up too much space? SoundArt has devised a simple solution that incorporates the aesthetic of a canvas print and the functionality of a distributed mode loudspeaker, alongside a powerful and sleek looking subwoofer. It also features an uncomplicated and effortless install – simply hang the device on your wall, plug it into a music source, and voila! The best part is that it works with almost any format – from your old school HiFi, to your iPod, CD/DVD player, and AV system outputs.

Traditional speaker systems usually function by pushing air, whereas SoundArt speakers generate acoustic sound via vibration, creating a more natural sound that fills the room without the use of moving parts. Spruce up your interiors with a wide variety of images and sizes to choose from or get them custom designed to suit your decor. At around $3700 a pop, they’re not cheap, but they’re quickly making boxy speakers a thing of the past for hipsters worldwide!

To find out more from SoundArt UK, visit their website.

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