Herakut: Two Heads Are Better Than One

Herakut is a graffiti duo from Germany – Akut, from the East, and Hera from Frankfurt. They fell in love with the graffiti scene instantly due to it’s heavy hip hop influence, the fact that it’s done outdoors, and that the dimensions of the work are usually massive, which leads to more public exposure. From the instant they met and painted together it clicked, and their two vastly different styles have since fused into one, creating an awesome contrast between the two without the competition. They usually take turns at the piece they’re working on, collaborating in sporadic bursts of imagination. Their symbiotic relationship as artists grows out of the idea that, as a graffiti artist, you’re used to having your work crossed out, but you don’t let that stop you – you just go one to paint a new one.

Their most poignant piece, I think, is “Sisters Helping Brothers Helping Sisters”. It evokes a sense of unity between the sexes that otherwise is overlooked by most of society. In a world where people are generally becoming more individualistic, it lashes out and reminds us that we need to come together as a community to create something beautiful – we cannot always do it by ourselves.

To see more from Herakut, visit their website.


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